Binh Dien Fertilizer Production and Trading Joint Stock Company II was established on October 12, 2015 by a number of senior scientists, managers, businesses, and entrepreneurs operating in the field of management, fertilizer production and trading, has completed its service tasks according to the regime and policies of the state, but still has enough health, intelligence, experience, experience, and especially enthusiasm for the development efficiency and sustainability of the country's agriculture, in which the representative is Mr. Le Quoc Phong – “2Phong” – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Fertilizer Association, Vice President of Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association, former Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company.

Binh Dien Fertilizer Factory II was built with synchronous functional areas on an area of ​​​​3 hectares, belonging to Long Hau Industrial Park, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province. This is a complete industrial park with complete infrastructure, roads, electricity and water systems and wastewater treatment. One side of the factory is adjacent to the Kinh River, which is very convenient for water transportation, helping the factory's products to trade with the West, the Southeast and the Central Highlands.

The factory's production line is designed and manufactured by Vietnamese scientists and professional engineers using advanced technology; use fuel and energy to ensure efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The factory's initial design capacity is 100,000 tons of products per year, sponsored by Vietinbank for investment capital, products under the brand name Binh Dien II - 2Phong Fertilizer, including organic fertilizer products. organic and micro-organisms, high-grade NPK products make a difference and are outstanding by adding a new generation of organic, trace elements suitable for each soil, each growth period of each crop. .

Agricultural production in our country has been developing in a parallel direction between inorganic and organic, but the destination must be safe agricultural products, ensuring the health of domestic consumers and meeting export standards. Binh Dien Fertilizer Factory II is oriented to produce organic and microbiological fertilizers and especially to produce different high-class NPK lines, aiming to contribute to a safe agricultural product market for land resources. It is not exploited, but is always replenished and regenerated, contributing to the effective and sustainable development of Vietnam's agriculture.



Providing effective solutions for plants, contributing to changing agriculture towards sustainable development, bringing benefits and prosperity to farmers.