The provision of nutrients for coffee in the young fruit growing stage aims to:

- Help coffee fruit grow quickly, limit fruit drop

- Increasing the quality of reserve branches is a premise for next year's yield.

- Ensure maintenance of soil fertility.

In the first stage of the rainy season, the nutritional requirements for coffee trees are very high so that the young fruits grow quickly in size, stabilize the number of fruits on the branches, and at the same time provide a source of nutrients to increase the quality of the projected branches. Storage and stabilization of the skeleton and foliage form the basis for increased yield in the following crops. At the same time, the tree needs to be absorbed a large amount and full of nutrients, so the impact of technical measures on the care of coffee trees at this stage, especially the selection of fertilizers. Suitability for coffee plants is the most important.

Specialized fertilizer products for coffee at the beginning of the rainy season of Binh Dien Fertilizer Production and Trading Joint Stock Company II - 2Phong brand name such as NPK 16-16-8-9S +TE ; NPK 18-14-6+6S +TE; NPK 17-14-7 +TE, meets the nutritional needs of coffee plants in this period. The above products help to provide a balance of multi-, medium-, and micro-nutrients with the right ratio for the comprehensive development of coffee trees: fast fruit growth, reduced fruit drop and increased reserve branch quality. In particular, with advanced and modern production technology, NEW GENERAL COMPLEX ORGANIC NPK fertilizer in each fertilizer particle helps plants increase nutrient absorption, limit leaching, loss and improve effective use of fertilizers, in addition, a new generation of organic complex NPK fertilizers will help the soil to be replenished and regenerated - INCREASE THE PHONES OF THE SOIL.

Using specialized fertilizer products with 2Phong brand - coffee trees always grow and develop well, give high and stable yields, improve economic efficiency.